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Training in pedagogy, animation and hygiene for the creche teachers of Sharana



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Sharana was established in July 2000 by Rajkala Partha, a Chennai-trained social worker with a post graduate degree in Rural Development from Madras Christian College.

It is meant to address the educational needs of children in Pondicherry and its surrounding villages. Meanwhile a group of volunteers in France created Sharana France, an independent but closely allied organization.

Sharana is a social and development organization acting for neglected socio-economically disadvantaged children. It is devoted to the caring of younger siblings and helps families to increase their income through employment.

The main objectives of the organization are:
- To help children obtain their rights to education, by supporting their families who then do not need to make their children work. That, in turn, means
- To support them to resume their formal education. Via individual sponsorship and collective sponsorship programs, needy children receive a financial support for tuition, books, backpacks, school supplies, healthcare, and homework help.
- To support parents to earn livelihoods, so they can in turn support their children’s right to pursue a formal education.
- To address childcare, medical, nutritional, emotional, economic, and other needs, as well as creating spaces where communities can gather to attend the issues that concern them.

In January 2003 Sharana opened its first Community building housing, a Creche, a dispensary and a meeting room in Angalakuppam which is located about 15 kms from Pondichery, an agricultural and mono-caste village, to free older siblings from the responsibilities of childcare and enable them to return to school. Meanwhile families received a sponsorship to be able to send older siblings to school.

By February 2011, on a one hectare field in Aranganur (20kms from the town off the route to Cuddalore), Sharana launched another project and erected a large building housing a Creche, a Carpentry Training Center, a Spirulina farm, a vegetable garden and a banana plantation.

In January 2012 the Kalki Welfare society, a non-profit organization, started in 2008, merged with Sharana. Kalki was especially working for street children (school drop-outs, working children, HIV-positive children and orphans) in and around Pondicherry.
The aim is to provide protection, education, shelter, health services and recreation to vulnerable children of Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu.

Kalki’s Shelter program was started in the year 2009, for children who need protection and safety. The families, who live on the street, don’t have enough income to run their family and parents are often addicted to alcohol. The homeless children are facing different problems like dropping out from school, abuse, neglect, physical harassment, especially girls are most vulnerable to abuse and early marriage. The Shelter is now called Sharana Night Shelter. To help these children, it is providing safety, protection and re-habilitation to these children.

46 staff members work for Sharana in the central office on Lally Tollendal street, at the drop-in center in Pondichery, at the night shelter in Morattandy and at the rural centers in Angalakuppam and Aranganur.

There are 9 qualified Social workers, 9 animators, 10 field assistants, 8 teachers, 2 administrative staff and 8 caretakers. There are also volunteers who assist beneficiaries or specific projects and day-to-day activities.

In total, approximately 1300 families are receiving sponsorship assistance from Sharana in 19 Main Areas with 64 sub areas in and around Pondicherry.

To train Sharana’s creche teachers in pedagogy, animation and hygiene.

Sharana has 4 creche centers in and around Pondicherry. They take care of children aged from 1 to 5 years old.

The creche teachers were trained when they started to work for Sharana but this was about 10-11 years ago. Therefore, they require some refreshing of their knowledge and skills. They feel like they do not offer enough variety in the activities they put into place for the children. They do not always know how to adapt activities to a child’s age and developmental stage.

Although, the creche teachers know how to take good physical care of the children, their knowledge about psychological needs of the children needs to be updated. They also need to learn new activities (educational and recreational) as per the developmental stages of different age groups of children.

Sharana would like them to be trained on different aspects: pedagogy, animation, hygiene, creativity…

This type of training is available in India but too expensive for Sharana.

The volunteer will spend the first week of the training just with the teachers. During this time he can cover theoretical training on pedagogy, hygiene, creativity and animation. During the second week, they can visit the creches where the teachers can demonstrate what they have learnt, and the volunteer can also demonstrate how to conduct certain activities with the children.

This schedule could be reorganised depending on when the mission will take place (creches visits could happen the first week).

Sharana would like the volunteer to focus on new creative and up-to-date ways of interacting with the children. They would also like the volunteer to focus on different activities adapted to the children’s different developmental stages.

Pour vous aider dans la préparation de votre mission, vous pouvez contacter le réseau Compétences Solidaires.

Nom des bénéficiaires : 4 creche teachers

Nombre de participants : 4

Niveau des participants

The beneficiaries will be the 4 teachers in these 3 creches:
Rani, at the Pondicherry day care centre
Jaya, at the Pondicherry day care centre
Tamil Selvi at the Angalakuppam creche
Gomathi at the Aranganur creche

All of them work everyday with the children benefiting from Sharana’s creaches along with also doing some administrative works. They are all women.

Formation des participants

The teachers teach the children in Tamil and English, (often in Tamil)
All the teachers have a very basic English capacity and are between 25 to 45 years old.
All of them have been trained to work with small children.

A translator, English-Tamil, will be present to facilitate the process and make it more effective.

Lieu de mission : Pondicherry

Aéroport / Lieu d'arrivée : Madras [meenambakkam]

Transfert sur le lieu de mission

The volunteers will be picked up by Sharana’s car and driver and transferred in a Guest House in Pondicherry. It will take 3 hours from Chennai Airport to Pondicherry.

Condition d'hébergement et d'intendance

The volunteer will sleep in a Guest house in Pondicherry. Sharana would be able to arrange for a driver and car for daily transfer to the place of intervention.

The accommodation will
• offer attached bath room and toilet,
• fan,
• night & day watch man,
• filtered water.

Moyens mis en œuvre

Note books, color paint, pencils, papers will be available for the volunteer.
Sharana can supply the material.


Working days: 5 hours, 5 days per week from Monday to Friday.
There will be support staff to care of the creches during the teachers’ absence.
The first day of the training will be devoted to the organization of the work.
The rest of the day can be used to buy the additional material needed or to show the volunteer some of Sharana’s projects around Pondicherry.

From day 2, the volunteers daily regular program can start off.

Sharana’s driver can be used to pick the volunteer from the Guest house and drop him/her as well everyday.


The volunteer will be a person capable of training teachers of our creches. A teacher trainer or a specialised creche teacher.

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