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Training in report and proposal writing for URJAs staff members.


Capacité d'accueil par mission :


Urja is a young NGO created in April 2012. It was founded by Deepali Kamble and a friend of his, Altaf. Deepali is a graduated in law and Altaf in commerce. Deepali has an experience of more than 15 years in this domain, while Altaf has an experience of more than 25 years now.

Urjas mission is to help homeless girls and young women. In India almost 70% of girls who leave home are forced by the families and 30% leave the home themselves. In both situations it is due to dysfunctional families, difficult circumstances, abuse and exploitation. Poor women are easy targets for exploitation. When the girls come to the city, they are frightened and already have many unresolved issues connected to her having moved out of her home or family situation which makes restoration a difficult option.

Both of them worked together in an organization called Saathi, who was doing a similar work as Urja, but closed down a year and a half ago, due to the Trustees being very busy with other things, and who could not find the time and energy to sustain Saathi. Hence, Deepali and Altaf formed Urja to continue the work they were doing at Saathi. Deepali is an active board member of Urja, she is giving direction and implementing Urjas programmes. Altaf is an advisory member of the organization and continues trying to mobilize resources for programmes and giving direction to the organization.

When women or girls leave their homes due to conflict or abuse, they adopt new strategies to support themselves. These ways of coping may include prostitution, trading sex for food and living in unsafe places, which often places them at risk of violence, including sexual exploitation, abuse and rape.

Currently there is a vacuum in terms of support for these homeless young women by the Indian State or civil society. Therefore there is a great need to reach them. This situation is the basis of Urjas crucial social work.

Urjas project aims at empowering vulnerable young girls and women by providing them temporary shelter and with requisite information and tools for economic, social, political development. Thus, through demonstration models of intervention in Mumbai and Maharashtra, Urja reaches out to young women and accompany them to make informed choices towards a life of dignity.

Urja is also working to raise awareness about the condition of homeless women and runaway girls in India and to demonstrate models of successful interventions impacting their lives. Its vision is to increase the sensitivity to patriarchal oppression and to create Government systems for this marginalized group.

Urja is working in Dadar in the heart of Mumbai city. Currently the NGO is running two projects:

-Activities focusing on Individual Development:
A shelter to meet the immediate needs of the girls between the age group of 18-24 years. The girls are provided food, formal and non-formal education. The shelter is a protective environment for runaway and homeless young adults creating or strengthening local community-based programs and offering recreational activities.

Counselling and Psychiatric services are provided to the girls as and when needed. Girls will be linked to different Vocational training facilities according to their needs and likes. Livelihood options for girls to empower them and prevent their exploitation.

Urjas activities also aim at bringing about Systemic Changes: Awareness and Advocacy on the issue with civil society and the government to bring this invisible population in visibility and bring about policy level changes with an empowering perspective. Research and Documentation on various aspects of the issue to protect and promote the issue.

Currently Urja is helping 16 girls who are between 16 and 25 years old: 11 in its shelter home and 5 in residential homes run by the Government. The Government institutions can keep the girls only till they are 18, after which they are released in the outside world, without much preparation. Urja goes into these institutions and identifies girsl who are soon to be released and plans their rehabilitation with them. This helps the girls to not feel isolated after their release and to have a definite plan of action once they are outside the Institution.

The beneficiaries are between 16 and 25 years old, they are homeless and need to be rehabilitated in the society.

To train URJAs staff members in report and proposal writing.

URJA would like to build the capacity of their staff in presentation writing, activities/programmes documentation, report and proposal writing.

At the moment, URJAs staffs do not know which information to share with their different stakeholders (general partners, partners for specific programme). They dont know how to adapt the information according the purpose and the target.

Therefore, they have difficulties in writing proposals and adapted presentations of their organization.

This lack of knowledge affects the development of new projects and of their network. It also reduces their ability to get new funds.

Support in proposal and report writing is available locally but URJA does not have the funds to pay for it.

The Plante Urgence volunteer will have to train the beneficiaries in :
- writing reports on their activities putting forward specific elements according to the aim of the report
- drafting proposals in an organised and effective way

The most important thing being to give them the tools to identify which information should be put forward according to the different targets and goals of the documents.

Pour vous aider dans la préparation de votre mission, vous pouvez contacter le réseau Compétences Solidaires.

Nom des bénéficiaires : The mission is organized for the staff members of the organization.

Nombre de participants : 8

Niveau des participants

The group will be constituted of 8 women in their 20s to30s.

They all read and speak English.
They are either high school graduates, graduates or post-graduates.

Formation des participants

The beneficiaries have never received any training in this field.

Lieu de mission : Mumbai

Aéroport / Lieu d'arrivée : Bombay [sahar (santa cruz) international airport]

Transfert sur le lieu de mission

Ms. Deepali Kamble Director of URJA

Condition d'hébergement et d'intendance

The volunteer will stay in a guesthouse in Dadar, a central area of Mumbai. There will be a room with attached bathroom. There is no air0conditioning or internet available in the Hotel. The URJA office is 15 minutes by taxi.dha.

Moyens mis en œuvre

A whiteboard, computers, laptops with Microsoft office 2007 and Internet are available on site.


The mission can happen anytime.

The volunteer will work in URJAs office in the Dadar area in Mumbai.

The volunteer will be working 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

Meals can all be taken at the office. The volunteer can also go to the multiple restaurants present in the area.

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