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Support to Chamroeun to strengthen its Human Resources management.



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Chamroeun was started by Entrepreneurs du Monde as an NGO program in 2006. Entrepreneurs du Monde is a French NGO currently working in 11 developing countries in South East Asia, West Africa and Haiti to help the most impoverished families launch or develop small businesses and improve their living conditions through social microfinance and social entrepreneurship. Today, Entrepreneurs du Monde is one of Chamroeuns main shareholders and brings technical support in various aspects to the institution as a partner organization.

Chamroeun was established to fill the gaps of urban and semi-urban poor populations access to microfinance, through an offer of adapted loans and other support services including microinsurance, mobile-payments, renewable energy financing, WASH financing, financial literacy, and trainings on social topics to the economically active poor. These populations include micro entrepreneurs, small market stallholders, ambulant vendors, and other small scale informal activities.

Chamroeuns total annual budget is about $3 million.

Beyond its financial activities Chamroeun also provides trainings to its partners and other community members. The trainings cover different topics, such as :
- Business training :

It is Chamroeuns firm belief that financial services alone are insufficient to make a significant difference for the households targeted. Socio-economic services were launched in 2007 as a complementary service to the financial services provided. By proposing training and counseling, Chamroeun aims to serve its partners in a more effective manner and give them the keys to improve their self-confidence and skills. The new Business Training modules focus on financial literacy, and are provided in the community for voluntary participants, and free of charge. The training covers five topics including: spending, saving, over indebtedness, household budgeting, and basic marketing.

- Social training :

More than just financial literacy, Chamroeun also delivers free social training to its partners and its community, on several topics such as: domestic violence, health care, nutrition, the danger of drugs, and environmental protection.

Today, Chamroeun operates in 16 provinces across Cambodia, mainly within the central region.

It employs more than 300 employees, divided into 6 departments working in the Headquarters: operation, marketing & communication, IT, finance & administration, human resources and risk & legal compliance ; and 21 branch offices employing provincial branches managers and more than 100 loan officers.

Through its activities, Chamroeun supports 32 191 households.

Chamroeuns operations are funded mainly through microfinance investment vehicles. Moreover, the organization gets supports from different entities (such as its founder, Entrepreneurs du Monde, and others) on various projects as such socio-economic services, community-based lending, renewable energy financing, WASH financing, etc.

A new law enacted on 13th March 2017 by the National Bank of Cambodia is capping at 1.50% per month loans from microfinance institutions, which reportedly will negatively impact the offer of small loans below USD 3,000 by making this business unprofitable. As it is the case for many other microfinance institutions in Cambodia, Chamroeun is facing important challenges to adapt to this new regulatory environment. These challenges lead to implement a new management and financial strategy. Regarding the Human Resources, it notably involves some dismissals.

Therefore, among other restructuring actions, the institution has to rethink its Human Resources management and strategy to be in accordance with the new challenges, and with the new areas of improvement highlighted in its recently developed strategic plan.

This includes addressing the following points:
- Performance management (benefits and compensation, incentives, etc.)
- Talent management (recruiting and then keeping talented individuals)
- Fostering an organizational culture in-line with the identity of the company, and shared by all (Chamroeun is operating with 21 branch offices)
- Fostering a better understanding amongst staff of company strengths and weaknesses, market positioning, etc.

Therefore, Chamroeun would like to receive support in developing a transition Human Resources strategy in light of its needs :
- to adapt to its new management and financial strategy,
- to include more its Head Office and 21 branches into an entity.

The volunteer will help Chamroeun to create a clear plan for its Human Resources next 2 years strategy.

Therefore, the missions will be organised to work on the following steps for the identification and implementation of Chamroeuns new Human Resources strategy :
1. Audit on the actual Human Resources tools, policies and processes.
In order to better understand how Chamroeun works as a whole, the volunteer will first meet the team at the Head Office (Executive Director, Human Resources staff, Department Managers) in Phnom Penh. Accompanied by Chamroeuns staff, the volunteer will then visit a few provincial branch offices over 3 days, before coming back to Phnom Penh.
2. Identification of a 2 years Human Resources strategy based on the previous audit results.
3. Support in creation of new tools and processes in accordance with the new 2 years Human Resources strategy identified.

These results should be reached within 3 to 4 missions.

Pour vous aider dans la préparation de votre mission, vous pouvez contacter le réseau Compétences Solidaires.

Nom des bénéficiaires : Chamroeun management team

Nombre de participants : 10

Niveau des participants

The participants will be in priority Chamroeuns HR department staff and the Executive Director, but will also include other Departments managers, Base of Pyramid Asia (BOPA) an important investor heavily involved with Chamroeun, and some branch offices managers.

They are from 25 to 45 years old.

The majority of Chamroeuns staff English level is good. Otherwise, some of the employees will translate to the others.

Formation des participants

All of the beneficiaries have Bachelors or Masters degree.

Motivation des participants

Chamroeuns management team would like to receive support from a HR experienced volunteer to make an audit of their actual HR tools and processes and strengthen its general system. The actual company general restructuration process makes an all HR processes and strategy evaluation and improvement even more important.

Lieu de mission : Phnom Penh

Aéroport / Lieu d'arrivée : Phnom penh [pochentong]

Transfert sur le lieu de mission

A member of Chamroeuns staff will welcome the Plante Urgence volunteer at the airport and accompany him/her to his/her accommodation with the company car (approx. 30min).

Condition d'hébergement et d'intendance

The volunteer will stay in a hotel/guest house in the city center of Phnom Penh, in an individual room with attached bathroom.

Moyens mis en œuvre

Internet connection
Chamroeun doesnt have an extra computer, then the volunteer would have to bring his/her own.


Hours of training : 8 :00-12 :00 / 13 :00 17 :00
Training location : Phnom Penh, in Chamroeuns office.
The volunteer will travel between the hotel and Chamroeuns office by tuk-tuk.
In order to better understand Chamroeuns overall HR situation, a visit of 2-3 days will be organized in some provincial branches. Chamroeun will facilitate the travel, and the volunteer will be accompanied by the staff of the company headquarters


The volunteer should have a strong experience in Human Resources management, ideally with experience in the context of a company strategic restructuration.

Le dernier rapport de mission de volontaire parti sur ce projet.

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