Pledge your commtment to sustainable development

The Environment & Development programme is partly funded by corporate sponsorship within the framework of a partnership. Companies pledge their commitment to support local organisations in their projects, whilst striking a balance between developing economic activities and protecting the environment.

Planète Urgence offers various ways of pledging their commitment helping to raise stakeholders' awareness, in line with their CSR strategy

You can support this programme in two ways:

  • by funding reforestation activities via the "€1 = 1 tree planted" initiative
  • by supporting the various facets of a project.

Planète Urgence offers businesses and local authorities the option of specifying the terms of the aid they wish to provide. This aid may relate to all or one aspect of the projects within the Environment & Development programme.

It may take a number of forms: a traditional sponsorship scheme, transfer of part of the proceeds of the sale of an asset or payment of funds raised as part of awareness-raising campaigns.

Planète Urgence projects may be supported by corporate sponsorship, for which the donor is eligible for a tax deduction equivalent to 60% of the amount of the donation, up to a maximum of 0.5% of the company's turnover in accordance with article 238a of the French Tax Code).

Action to support projects designed and implemeneted by local stakeholders

The Environment & Development programme is rolled out in conjunction with 8 local associations, in 4 different countries and in line with objectives tailored to the human, ecological and economic realities on the ground.

In Indonesia, preservation of mangrove forests is helping to restore a natural habitat conducive to fishing and sustainable aquaculture.

In Mali,tree planting and management of the fuel timber sector are contributing to the development of market gardening techniques that help small farmers to combat the desertification of their land.

In Madagascar, reforestation is helping to promote biodiversity in order to ensure the sustainable management of its rich array of natural resources.

In Haïti, which was very badly affected by the earthquake in 2010, reforestation and agroforestry projects are complementing and reinforcing the initiatives being undertaken to provide access to permanent housing for more than 218 farming families.

Regular updates on the results of this action

Planète Urgence has developed a geolocation tool allowing its partners to monitor online the development of the plots of land they are helping to reforest.

The association also keeps them up to date via a quarterly newsletter specifically dedicated to tracking the progress of projects in the Environment & Development programme.

Information and discussion meetings bringing together donor partners and field teams are also arranged in Paris on a regular basis.

Le programme Environnement & Développement de 2006 à 2018 c'est :

  • 6 800 000 arbres plantés,
  • 15 000 familles bénéficiaires,
  • 776 partenaires mécènes.

Les principaux partenaires d'Environnement & Développement

ALMA Consulting Group
Cap fi
Cottin Frères & Jules Messager
Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe
Direct Energie
Dolmen Technologies
Folio Gallimard
Fondation Abbé Pierre
Fondation de France
Fondation Goldstein
Fondation Poweo
Groupe GC
Groupe Mobilitas
Ickowicz Apiculture
Paper Team
Renault Retail Group
Région Ile-de-France
Trafigura Foundation
Vision Plus
Watt Expert