Corporate Foundation

Planète Urgence sets up international solidarity projects aimed at empowering communities in the developing world and protecting the environment.

We have incorporated into our processes donor requirements in terms of project monitoring and evaluation, along with transparent reporting of how allocated funds are used.

Various forms of partnerships can be arranged as part of a collaboration with your foundation.

Co-fund a project

Planète Urgence runs projects in support of development, access to education, protection and promotion of biodiversity, agroforestry and combating deforestation.

You can co-fund a project already up and running or ask us to consider putting together a new project.

Leverage your employees' skills via Congé Solidaire

Congé Solidaire leverages the professional and personal skills of your employees, who commit in their own free time but through the company, to support an international solidarity project by becoming a genuine 'donateer'!

To this end, for over ten years Planète Urgence has been forging partnerships with businesses and their foundations wishing to support their employees' desire to pledge their commitment by funding their placements.

Every year, 600 to 800 volunteers go out into the field, of whom half have funding from their employer.

Prepared before their departure, hosted and supported at local level by our teams, your employees use their skills to offer assistance to local partners (associations, women's groupings, craftspeople, cooperatives, educational networks, scientific partners etc.), as part of environmental protection, development or educational projects.

Build your relationships with your developing world partners

Thanks to Congé Solidaire which offers concrete solutions to local stakeholders in the fields of development, education and environmental protection, we can help you further strengthen the links already established with local agencies that you are supporting.

Our teams are available to help you study your partners' needs and, together, consider how to build their capacity for action through volunteer intervention.